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Take a look around the information on this page and our website to see if our tax services are right for you.

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 Sign up for the service/addons that best fit your needs. You will receive and email instruction on how to submit your tax documents and pertinent questions

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Once you have your documents all gathered, submit them as instructed. We prepare your return and send you more questions via email/phone/text

We complete return

Once we complete your return, we send it to your for review and signature. If you'd like some things updated, no problem. When you're satisfied, you'll e-sign and we'll efile your return.

Features & Details

The expertise of board-certified CPAs

Get the knowledge and expertise of real board-certified CPAs on your taxes. 

Minimize your taxes

Whether you are low income and need maximum refund or you are middle class and concerned about minimizing your taxes, we guarantee to put all our strategies into play for you. 

Bank-level security payment page

As CPAs we are required to protect client information with the highest level of security. And we do. Our payment pages are protected with the same level of security banks use. 

100% Safe upload 

With the slew of identity thefts going on, you need  not only someone trustworthy for your taxes, but you also need to know they have your sensitive documents secure.  We use a portal that only you and us have access to. No one besides you can access your portal, so you can be sure your are uploading your documents to a 100% secure place.

Quick and easy signup

When you don't have someone to prepare your taxes, it stays on your mind throughout tax season. The idea of having to find someone might seem like a lot of work or you simply don't want to do it. With our online sign up, we take the hard work out of finding a tax prepare and our sign up is so easy you'll thank us. You're welcome.

We're doing taxes for people like you.

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How do you get started on my taxes if I sign up online?

  • Once you sign up, you get an email of the documents and information we will need from you to start. Included in the email is also the access to a secure portal to upload your tax documents
  • You can scan your documents in using your phone or a scanner. 
  • Once you upload your documents, we will have access to them and use the information provided by you to prepare your taxes.

How do I know if I will like you?

We work very hard to satisfy our clients. You are our first priority. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. For that, we believe you will like us. If you don't, you can cancel your subscription any time

How does it work if we are not local?

T OSINOWO CPA is a virtual firm. We are largely paperless and do 99% of our work in the cloud. Technology today allows us to service our clients with the utmost care without face-to-face meeting. We can call, video chat, do virtual conferencing. You can send us your documents through our portal which only you have access too and we can communicate through email or text.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept credit cards and ACH payments.

How soon will my work start?

Work will start at a minimum once we've received the deposit of your payment. If you pay by credit card, that should be 2 days or so. Your work may be delayed if there's a queue. But our promise to you is we do your work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why is there delay in my work?

We work on post-payment basis, which means we don't work unless we've received your payment. if there's delay in your work, it would 99% of the time due to declined payment. If it's due to declined payment, we would have sent you several notifications regarding it. So please check your email and your card provider. 

It could also be we haven't received all your docs and info yet, as we also don't start work unless paperwork are complete.  

How do I know you are a real CPA firm

In the United States, CPA firms must register their firms with the State Board of their primary office. Texas is no different. We are registered with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. You can verify our registration on the TSBPA site here

I signed up, I've paid, but my taxes aren't done

There are only three reasons your work will be delayed. One: your payment for the month was declined only is in dispute, two: we haven't received all the information we need to complete your work. Due to high degree in inefficiencies on created with starting work with incomplete paperwork, we simply do not do it. Three: we are experiencing a backlog of work. 

In any of those three cases, you will get ample notification about any delays and the cause of them.

How do I know you do the work after I sign up?

This is a great concern and we understand it. So many service providers fail to even deliver the services people pay for.  However, T OSINOWO CPA is a very reputable firm. We deal in the utmost integrity with our clients. You pay us and we deliver the service. Period. There's no if, whats, or buts about it.   Also remember we are Certified Public Accountants which means we subscribe to the highest ethical standards of the Texas State Board.

We also believe companies who cheat their customers won't get referrals and we want your referrals. It's simply a leap of faith you'll have to make until you've experienced it yourself.  And once you've experienced it, we hope you can send us referralls who will know for sure the work will be delivered. 

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